iPhone App Developer Account: Why You Should Set-up Your Own

This blog post was originally written by one of my developers and I thought I would share it with the iPhone Life community, especially those interested in developing their own apps.  For those that are thinking about developing an app, make sure that you create your own developer account for $99 and don't simply use the account of whatever company you choose to develop your app - see below for the main reasons why.


iPhone Developer ProgramOne of the last steps in a project lifecycle of developing a mobile app is submitting the application to the store for distribution. Although submitting the app comes last, creating your own developer account should be one of the first things you do. Some might shy away from this thinking the development company should be responsible for handling all of that. While there are many developers who would be more than happy to take on that responsibility for you, here are a few reasons why you should<strong> not allow them to do so under any circumstance:

It's your name

Having your name or your company's name associated with the app is very important. However, the name is tied to the developer account. If you don't have your own account, then credit will go to the developers account.

It's your app

If the development company uploads the application under their own account, then that means they have the ability to change app details, pricing, what region it's offered in or even delete the app entirely. It's a no brainer here that no one should have ability to do those things except you. While we are on the subject, always make sure you get the full source code for your app.

Set-up your own Bank InfoIt's your money

Possibly the most compelling reason to have your own developer account is because your bank account is tied to your developer account. So, if your development company uploads the app under their name, then money will go straight to them.

Avoid Being Burned

Unfortunately, we have talked with many companies that have proceeded without having their own developer account. The results were just as bad as you can imagine. Some had to deal with lawsuits, apps being held hostage, money not being paid to them, months to years of wasted time and effort, and even having to start over from scratch when the source code was not delivered to them.

Protect yourself and your investment by making sure you have your own developer account.

For more information about Apple's Developer Program, you can visit Apple's Website.
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