Lifelong Learning and Concatenating audio files

 If you love to learn, have I got a URL for you! The Teaching Company gathers top university professors from around the country. These great teachers lecture on topics ranging from Quantum Mechanics to Biblical Wisdom to the History of Ancient Egypt to the Fundamentals of Music to Building Great Sentences and so much more. There are both audio and video courses, many of which are on sale throughout the year. You can get free catalog, which is an enjoyable read in itself, at 800-646-3128.

I listen to lectures on my way to and from work every day. I connect my iPod touch to an FM transmitter gizmo in my car. Later in the evening I review the lesson in the booklet that comes with the CD.
I discovered a great trick when I transferred audio files from the CD into iTunes. A single 40 minute lecture might consist of as many as 6 audio files. In the iTunes Advanced menu tab there is an option to Join CD Tracks. Before ripping the CD, I simply highlight the appropriate audio files and click Join CD Tracks. This approach greatly reduces the clutter of too many files, and makes sure I listen to a lecture without interruption.


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