Just Mobile Lounge Product Review

The nice folks at Just Mobile sent me their most recent deluxe stand for the iPhone to evaluate. Read on to find out how well this futuristic-looking iPhone holder designed by the respected Danish design company tools compares to other iPhone stands on the market.

Lounge is a solid aluminum stand attractively designed with a wide base that ensures the iPhone will not topple over when held in either the landscape or portrait orientation. The base has a small rubber bumper that keeps the iPhone's bottom edge from getting scratched as well as stabilize the iPhone when placed in the portrait position. What is remarkable about the Lounge is the strength and stability of the tiny curved arm that attaches to the rubber grip to the base. It's one of the Lounge's most distinct aspects that gives the stand such a unique look. When the iPhone is held by the Lounge in landscape mode, its easy to attach the iPhone to a power cable, but when rotated to portrait mode, there simply isn't enough room between the iPhone and the base of the Lounge to clip in a cable. While I suppose one could rotate the iPhone upside down to accommodate the cable, this doesn't work for many iPhone applications that are design mainly for portrait mode operation.

Just Mobile Lounge

The Lounge contains two rubber-lined, durable aluminum clamps specifically designed to hold either an 4th generation iPod Touch, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. The clamps have very tight tolerances that require one to apply a bit of pressure to ensure a snug fit when inserting the device into the clamp. There is no way these clamps have room for an iPhone already wrapped in a case. Once seated, the Lounge maintains a firm grip on the iOS device. However, occasionally when I placed my uncased iPhone into the clasp, I initially didn't insert it all the way.  This eventually lead to the iPhone popping out of the holder due to the pinched pressure exerted by the rubber clamp. I had to train myself to check and mentally take an extra precautionary measure each time I seated my iPhone into the Lounge to ensure it wouldn't slip out of the clamp's grasp. On the positive side, once the iPhone is safely inserted, the Lounge provides a very tight fit that allows you to interact with the iPhone's screen without the iPhone bouncing around or bowing, an annoyance I have encountered using some other stands.

In addition to the two rubber-molded grips for the iPhone models, the Lounge also comes with a car mount kit. This basically looks like a aluminum washer, slightly larger than an inch, lined with a rubber edge. On the bottom is a strip of 3M tape that affixes the disc to the car's dashboard. Underneath the base of the Lounge is a circular cut out that clips around the affixed dashboard disc.  Apply some pressure and a notable snap holds the Lounge in place. While this approach works and keeps the stand affixed to the dashboard, I continued to have problems with my iPhone slipping out of the arms of the rubber grip. This occurred most frequently when driving on bumpy roads. In order to ensure my phone wouldn't slip out of the Lounge, I had to press firmly down on my iPhone but doing so made me uncomfortable to have to use so much force on such a delicate electronic device.

Overall, I really liked the minimalist and stable design of the Lounge, but wasn't initially very satisfied with the unpredictable nature of the rubber grips and the amount of effort I had to take to teach myself about the 'safe' way of seating the iPhone into the Lounge's grip. Others Lounge owners who don't take the time to educate themselves may find their iPhone slipping out of the grip, especially while driving. If you like futuristic, minimalist design aesthetics, take a look at the Lounge, but make sure that you get used to its finicky rubber clamp behavior before placing the Lounge at a height where you could damage your iPhone if it slipped out of the stand.

Product: Just Mobile Lounge
Price: $49.95
Rating: 3/5 stars

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