Detailing Some of the Great Apps that Make the iPad "The" iPad


I’m sure that a lot of people can agree with me when I say I would be lost without my Apple products, including my iPad. From doing interviews and writing blogs for racing to working on apps for my company ZaAPP, it’s mostly done on my iPad while I’m waiting to catch a plane or sitting at the racetrack.

Of course the iPad is awesome but with out great app’s, its simply just a way to surf the web, check email, and look at pictures. When you’re a teenager like me, sometimes you find yourself with more free time then you know what to do with and that’s where the best way to spend at least an hour comes in; the App Store. I’ve managed to find so many great apps to help with my career, and of course remembering to get my Mid-Term test into my teacher by Friday (wait, that’s today!!).

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A lot of people don’t see the “Mazda Road to Indy” ladder series the same way that I do. To me, it’s my college, there are three steps you have to take to get to the top, and with every step, you learn a tremendous amount of information to help you succeed in the next step. If you’re in a classroom and the teacher is going on about something you need to remember you usually write it down; right?

The same goes for racing in the ladder series. Although my “classroom” is at a racetrack, and my teachers are engineers, other drivers, and mechanics I write down everything I learned during a weekend or test and save it in a app called “Chapters.” This lets me organize every event, and I can even put a password on my documents so my teammate can’t figure out what I said about him. (Just kidding Sage!) ;) 

Moving on to the school part, even though I’m driving race cars over 150 mph, I still have to go to school, and I’m very fortunate to be able to go to a great online school called K12. With it, I have over 100 classmates and six different teachers that instruct us through live classes over the web so we still get the ability to talk with teachers, and the other peers in my classes. If it wasn’t for K12 I wouldn’t be able to chase my dream, because now where I go, my school is always with me, and I’ve found a great app for keeping up with it too.

One that I found right away that helps me make sure I don’t forget about anything I need to turn in, is the iStudiez Pro app. With it, I can remember my teacher’s contact information, schedule classes, record my grades to see where I’m at on my GPA, and also make a task list of my assignments.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be two things: a race car driver that has won the Indianapolis 500, and some sort of game or app developer. I’d like to think I’m on my way to at least getting close to being a professional race car driver in the IZOD IndyCar Series, so I thought I’d start chasing my second dream as well. I started my own App Development company, ZaAPP, and released my first app last year!

In the last month I had the honor to team up with a good friend of mine, Tom Vossman with his Charity “Racing For Cancer.” This group has the goal to end cancer and unit the race fans that are fighting it in the process. We thought that an app could take it one step further, and because it’s such a great organization, I wanted to do anything I could to help out.

One app that I use that has really helped make some of my app ideas come to life is the “Blue Print” app, which actually lets you plan out the interface for any app you can think of without any coding so you can see what you want before the hours of coding starts. No matter what age you are, I really suggest the “Blue Print” app to see your ideas in a short amount of time.

Now that I’ve got you thinking, what app are you thinking of creating? I’d love to hear about it!


(Zach Veach)

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