iPhone Image Storage Locations

iPhone as Virtual Disk

The Camera and Screen Capture capability of the iPhone is extraordinarily handy, but only useful if you can then use the images (which generally means getting them onto your desktop/laptop computer).

While you can open any image and email it to yourself, or others, there is an easier way to move one or many photos to your computer. You can also grab iPhone screen captures and move them to your desktop  (Capture screens by holding down the Sleep/Wake Button and taping the Home Button … a white screen flash indicates your capture was successful) .
Imaging subFolders

To grab your images, dock your iPhone to your computer and Open “My Computer” on your desktop. There you should find, mounted as a virtual disk drive, an Apple iPhone icon (yellow circle).

Opening the Apple iPhone icon reveals a Disk Drive icon...
that when opened shows a standard Camera DCIM folder...
that when opened reveals two folders. . . the “100APPLE” and a “999APPLE” folder.
The “100APPLE” folder holds your Camera snapshots . . .
Camera Images
 while the “999APPLE” folder holds your Screen Captures . . .
Screen Capture Images
Once you drill down to the images you want, just drag/drop them onto your computer wherever you save your Pictures.
Note that in the “Photos” viewer iPhone Application your Photos AND Screen Captures are all shown together in your “Camera Roll” images.


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