DealsDeals is a great .99c app for finding the best deals on the Web from Amazon, Hot-Deals, Woot, & many more!

I visited this app today & looked through the 16 different stores & found a GREAT deal in Amazon's Gold Box for an iPhone bundle pack that includes a car charger (I sure needed one of those!), a home charger (I needed a 2nd one of those, too), crystal clear case which looks thinner than the leather case I currently have. The case I have cost me $20 at a local department store, but is a little thick (I know, that's better for the safety of the phone), but the thickness drives me to pull it out of the case more often than not because scrolling anywhere near the edges of the screen become difficult when you keep hitting the case & it stops you short of the edge. Anyway, I bought this great bundle for ONLY $8 & change WITH shipping. The lowest price on a popular auction site was $20. The only drawback to this app that I've found is a VERY long load time when you choose a store to view the deals. I thought it was stuck or my WiFi connection crashed, but it didn't. Just before I gave up, it finally loaded. I tried this 3 different times & each time had the same result. The deals are still great, though ... so just have some patience while they load & you'll be fine.

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