Pop Up Your Kids' Math Scores!

Now here's an app that's fun for your kids, and it will improve their math skills! It's called PopMath Basic Math (Popsoft, v. 1.4). Kids love popping bubbles and that's exactly what they do in this app. They pop bubbles and learn math at the same time!

As multi-colored bubbles roam around bright, colorful screens, kids pop the balloons trying to match the math problem with the correct answer. When the match is correct, they are rewarded with an actual "popping" sound as the balloons pop and then disappear from the screen.

When all the balloons have been popped on that level, a message appears cheering your kid on to do more, as well as show the time it took for him or her to complete the round. You can choose to review addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. 

This is a must-have app for parents who want to improve their kid's math skills. Next time you're waiting for an appointment, get out your iPhone and let your kids play PopMath! Waiting at the doctor's office has never been so much fun!

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