Flipping Tip: Start Carrying Your Books Around!

Just remember to carry them in your iBooks library.


iBooks LibraryI know. I love books too. We collect and display them with pride. But there is a reason Borders went out of business. Digital publications have far too many advantages to ignore.

Today you can carry your entire library around on your iPhone without straining your back. So why not take it with you?

You can read on your iPhone wherever you like. You can even turn the backlight down to read in a dark theater without disturbing anyone. And when you return home your devices automatically synchronize so you can pickup where you left off on your iBook. All of your new bookmarks, highlights, and notes are there.

Yes, I did say, "bookmarks, highlights, and notes"!

Bookmark as many pages as you like and it doesn't cost a dime. Sorry Barnes & Noble.

Highlighting is magical. Simply touch the text you wish to highlight and pick a color; yellow, green, blue, pink, or purple. Or you can underline text in virtual red ink. There are no more pens, highlighters, or rulers to purchase at the bookstore. 

You can even undo your highlighting!

Go ahead. Write your notes in the virtual margins. Simply touch the text of interest and select Note. Your keyboard pops up and you can write all the notes you want. When finished all you see is a Notes icon but touch it and you have your full text notes again.

You can also lookup definitions. Touch the word in question and select "Define". There no need to pass over a word unsure of it what is means.

You can also search your book for occurrences of a specific word or phrase. Just click on the looking glass icon and enter the text you wish to find. Every reference is listed!

So, whether you have an iBook, iPhone, or both I'm sure you will enjoy all the be fits of reading with iBooks. So will your students!

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