Arkon Product Accessory Reviews (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and More)



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Below are three Arkon products that they kindly sent me for a test drive.  Whether you are interested in the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, there is something for everyone below. Arkon has been around since 1988 and provides various mounting solutions for a wide range of products and devices. Three such products are below.



Portable Fold-Up Stand for Apple iPad

Here’s a neat portable stand for the iPad (or other similar device). It’s very user friendly and while I think it excels great for travel use, you could very well use this at home or in the office. It’s very small and light and great for slipping it in a bag when you are out. The design is also very easy to use. To use it, just separate the base legs apart. This is where the base of the iPad will sit into. There are two grooves that will hold the unit. Then just lift the arm up to support the back of the iPad. The arm is adjustable so you can decide on what type of slant you want your unit to be in.  I took two of my photos in varying degrees. There are soft pads that are underneath the base, on the arm as well as in the base groove. This helps keep your device from sliding around, as well as keeping the holder in place.


I did not take a photo of this, but I also tried it out with the Apple case on it and it held it just as well. I really like the portability and it seems really well built. It retails for $17.95 which I think is very affordable for an iPad accessory. Plus, it’s not just tied to that product, so it’s interchangeable with other devices.

Quick Specs

-Dimensions when folded: 7” x 1” x 1”

-Weight: (2.9 oz) •For use in airplanes as a seat back tray table tablet computer or eBook stand

-Support legs feature non-skid cushioned pads for added stability

Product page with full specs and video demo.




Slim Grip Mount (Item # IPM515)

Their slim grip car mount is another accessory that is not only compatible with the iPhone series, but the iPod Touch and some other smartphones. In the package you get the slim grip mount, the suction cup pedestal and a circular dashboard mounting plate. Assembling it is very easy. Slide the mount on the pedestal and you’re three quarters there. There are four little arms with rubber grips that you need to also slide in place on the slim grip holder. These are the parts that actually hold your device onto the mount. One you have it altogether, you’re good to go.

Place the suction on the windshield (or circular mounting base) and flip the lever to secure it. Put your device in and adjust the length by separating the base. The automatic tension (spring loaded) is the other thing that helps keep your device in place. My iPod Touch (with Candyshell case) fit well but I probably would not use this device in it. I did try it out with my Nokia E71 when I was using the GPS, which fit in it. I do wish the base was able to separate a bit more, but that would probably add more length to unit. This device is also compatible with a bunch of other smartphones. The holder rotates a full 360 degrees which is very useful. The unit design appears to have been thought out well, but there is only one thing I question on it. Now, I did not have any issues with the four little arms (two at each end) but I am wondering how much wear and tear can these little guys take before they snap off? The product page below has the full specs as well as what other devices are compatible with it.

Product Page (scroll down):

Here is the manual which has additional detailed information.

This unit retails for $14.99




Here is another product that can be used with a wide range of handheld devices. I tested this out very well. Now I am not a runner so I cannot tell you how it worked for that, but it worked well for walking. I even used this when I was raking these and also using the tractor for yard cleanup. My test device was my iPod Touch with my Bluetooth stereo headphones. Note that there is a space already cut out for plug in headphones. This was very comfortable wearing and while I though that this would probably slide down my arm at some point from all the activity I was doing, it did not and stayed firmly in place.

You will also see in the specs and pictures that there is a clear plastic covering. I was able to use the iPod’s touch screen with no issues. As soon as I post this, I will be putting this back in service as I have more leaves to rake.



-Features adjustable (hook and loop) strap for easy adjustment and comfort

-Designed to fit most Smartphones and mobile phones

-Made of stretchable, sweat-resistant neoprene material

-Reflective markers provide additional safety for using at night

-Lightweight design includes mini storage pouch for money or other essentials on the go

-Clear plastic screen enables operation of phone's buttons, even while in the armband pouch

-Designed to fit phones smaller than 3” wide and 4.75” tall


Product Page (scroll down)

This accessory also retails for $14.99.

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