Low Grav Racer is a must-have

Have been playing Low Grav Racer (from Cobra Mobile games) for about a month, and not getting tired of it. I'm up to the final competition mode (Delta Class), and can't get past the 4th track (Space Junk). If you want a fast and furious pod racer/combat game, you need to try this one out.

The game is even more intense with cockpit view on...

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There isn't much back-story to this game, or any off-track strategy really (which would make it even better), but then again that might get in the way of the pure joy of the racing, which is excellent. The game starts up allowing you to set some sound options and start gameplay. You can also access some brief help information. Gameplay is pretty simple. Tilt the iPhone left and right to steer. The brake is activated by an on-screen button to the left, and if you happen to pick up a weapon on the track, a button will appear on the right to deploy it. The screens all look outstanding.

Select your racer...

The entire game is raced on 12 different tracks. You must race in competition mode to unlock higher-level tracks and advance. There are 4 levels to competition mode, and 3 classes of racers to choose from, with different handling and speed characteristics. The game is touchy, so selecting the right racer can make a difference especially at first. The game speed increases as you advance, of course.

Try to stay off the walls!

My favorite aspect of the game are the tracks, which are a good mix of tight turns and long straightaways. The higher level tracks are longer, with more straight-stretches in which to truly bring weapons to bear. I have not been able to effectively use the brake that much. I usually just try whipping through the tighter tracks by oversteering. This isn't working out too well on the hardest level, though.

Space Junk track...delta level...I hate you!

Fighting, protection, and speed boosts are also a big part of the game (not just pure racing). As you race, icons appear at various points that you must try to maneuver into in order to pick up these items (see intial screenshot showing large shield icon). Lightning bolts indicate a speed boost, Shield icons will protect you from attacks (and turn your vision red) for a time, and blue triangles (missiles) and omega symbols (mines), can be used to take out your racing opponents. Well, take out is a little strong. Actually they simply spin you round and slow you down considerably.

Uh oh, looks like somebody got smoked!

Got my shields up now...

An HUD at the bottom gives you an idea when an opponent is behind you, and the icon will change to indicate if he is armed or has fired, as well as his position left/right of you. Frankly some of the tracks are so treacherous, it's not much use. The higher-level longer, and straighter tracks do make it more valuable, however.

My favorite track (Hypespace dash). Very long and not too many tight curves...good fer shootin!

The music, sound effects and game performance are all great! I only have a few minor gripes about LGR. It would be cool to have a prize-money system and a shop to buy upgrades, and a multi-player mode (via game server) would be a sweet addition as well. Still, this is truly one of the best games I've yet come across for iPhone and touch. Go check out a video of it here. It's currently $5.99, but worth every penny, in my opinion. Do I need to say more?? Go check out Low Grav Racer (do a search in the app store) already...you won't regret it!



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