Apple Reportedly Prepares to Unveil a Cellular-Enabled Apple Watch

Well now, this is exciting Apple Watch news! Based on recent reports Apple is gearing up to release a cellular-enabled Apple Watch, and for the first time since its debut, I'm actually considering saving my money for tthe new Apple Watch.

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I've long maintained that adding cellular capabilities to the Apple Watch is an essential selling point. The fact that the watch needs to be tethered to the iPhone is, in my estimation, not a plus but a drawback. The Apple Watch has long had the potential to be an iPhone on your wrist, but this potential has been hobbled by its reliance on being in close proximity to the iPhone to be most effective. If the latest report pans out, then Apple will finally be releasing a new Apple Watch that is on par with the current market offerings of such rival companies as Samsung and LG, both of whom already have cellular smartwatches.

With a cellular-enabled Apple Watch, you would be free to roam, without worrying about where your iPhone is, or needing your iPhone nearby for your Apple Watch to perform at its best. You could place and receive phone calls, send iMessages, download apps, use map and location-based services, and so on. You also wouldn't have to be burdened with having to carry two Apple devices around with you when on the go, just so your Apple Watch can function at the peak of its capabilities.

Perhaps a cellular Apple Watch will open the possibilities of the Apple Watch evolving into more of an entertainment and content consumption device. Just as I've maintained that the Apple Watch would benefit from being cellular enabled, I've also asserted that for it to really take a bite out of the smartphone market and shine in its own right, it needs to be able to deliver content and entertainment, not just communication and health-monitoring functionality.

For any of you naysaying the Apple Watch as a content consumption device, I refer back to the popularity of the old video-enabled click-wheel iPods. At the time, people were thrilled to finally be able to watch their favorite videos and movies on their iPods, despite their screen size, which were only slightly larger than the screens of the Apple Watch. I for one would put Netflix, Periscope, YouTube, and Spotify (naming but a few) to good use on an Apple Watch.

Furthermore, with the mobile game market raking in more profits than the PC and console markets combined, its impossible to overlook the potential success that games and other forms of entertainment on the go might find on the Apple, despite it being as of now, a relatively untapped gaming and entertainment platform.

Although many other journalists and reviewers have long asserted that the Apple Watch doesn't need cellular capability to succeed or perform well, I've considered the lack of cellular functioning to be a serious shortcoming of the Apple Watch and I'm glad to see Apple finally catching up to the rest of the smartwatch pack with a cellular Apple Watch. Perhaps now I'll finally have enough of an excuse to invest in one. Although I have yet to see any price predictions for a new cellular Apple Watch, I'd anticipate that like the new, top tier iPhone that is set to be unveiled in September, I don't expect the new Apple Watch to be cheap, especially when you factor in carrier fees and service charges. Then again, compared to its closest competition in the smartwatch arena, the Apple Watch has never been particularly cheap, but at least now I'd finally feel it was worth the expenditure.

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