The Fugoo Go Is for Anyone Looking for Loud, Portable, Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

It looks like I've got a new favorite audio system for experiencing music in the great outdoors. The Fugoo Go portable Bluetooth speaker ($99.99) was on display at this year's CES Showstoppers event in Las Vegas, and it's a fantastic addition to the Fugoo lineup. More portable than the powerful Fugo XL and more affordable than the original Fugoo rugged speaker, the Go puts out sound that is remarkable alone, and even more impressive in pairs.

One of my favorite features of the Fugoo Gos are their ability to easily and simply connect to your iPhone or iPad in pairs of two speakers. Unlike so many other Bluetooth speakers that allow users to pair two speakers together but require an app to do so, the Fugoo Go allow you to pair two speakers together with only the press of a couple of buttons on the speaker's shell. Once your iPhone recognizes the speakers, holding down the Bluetooth button and either the plus or minus buttons will cause two speakers to pair in either stereo or mono audio.

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I had the opportunity to experience the robust sound these lightweight speakers pump out and I was really surprised. I'm familiar with Fugoo's high-quality speakers but I just wasn't expecting the clarity and depth of sound that the Fugoo Gos deliver. My first introduction to them was with a little Pink Floyd, a group that had a well-deserved reputation for experimenting with stereo audio and pushing the envelope when it came to distributing various sounds and instruments to different speaker channels.

With a pair of Gos connected to my iPhone in stereo, the effect was amazing. The audio was pristine and loud, with plenty of volume to hear your music over a rushing creek, or loud waves, or a campsite generator or a vehicle motor. The stereo effect, especially with Pink Folyd provide my initial demo, was hypnotic and dramatic. Thanks to two speaker drivers and two passive bass radiators, the Fugoo Gos pack one heck of a punch into a relatively tiny package.

Thanks to their diminutive size and their relatively inexpensive price point, I'd say it's well worth the investment to get not just one Fugoo Go, but two. The difference in sound quality, between just one Go and two, is significant. Don't get me wrong, with over 90 dB of sound from one speaker you can't go wrong if you get just one for starters. However the distinction in detail, breadth, and scope of the stereo audio that two Fugoo Gos serve up is amazing and definitely adds much to any music being played on them. Trust me, you'll appreciate two! Especially in any noisy environment or situations like the great outdoors, where sound can have a tendency to get swallowed up, or sound muted and small. In fact, a pair a Fugoo Gos have accompanied me on many an adventure by the waterside and they've taken their fair share of dunkings, while providing greatly appreciated acoustic accompaniment for many an outside escapade.

The Fugoo Gos are fully waterproof, rated to be able to withstand complete submersion for up to a half an hour at three feet. If you are looking for a great pair of rugged, portable, and loud Bluetooth speakers for your outdoor adventures, especially if and when close proximity to water is involved, you'll want to check these out. The one drawback that they have is that they don't float, a feature that more and more waterproof Bluetooth speakers are making a standard offering now. Overall, I'd highly recommend getting a pair of the Fugoo Gos.

On the Go, with the Fugoo Go!

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