The Ultimate Guide: Best Father's Day Gifts for the Tech-Loving Dad

Looking for a great gift for that techie dad in your life? We've rounded up some practical and purposeful gift ideas for that special man in your life this Father's Day!

Monster iSport Compete In-Ear Headphones ($49.95)

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These in-ear headphones are well suited for sports, thanks to their secure-fit ergonomics and sweat resistance. As an active father and husband, I feel that it's also worth mentioning that they perform excellently when it comes to addressing the endless lists of chores around the house.  From climbing up on the roof to inspect chimneys and cooling units, to building tree houses, to weed whacking and lawn mowing, these earphones are ingeniously designed to stay snugly seated in your ears while you work. And the fact that they are wired as opposed to Bluetooth is actually a plus in my book, since I find that my iPhone tends to get disconcertingly hot when broadcasting Bluetooth audio from my pant's pocket.


Renogy E.LUMEN Flashlight Multitool ($24.99)

This multipurpose flashlight is an essential for any well-equipped tool kit or glove box. The lighting this tool emits is wonderful, with seven different lighting options, but it the E.LUMEN's bonus features that really make it outstanding. This flashlight serves as a backup battery for your mobile devices, has built-in solar panels for recharging itself, and also includes a compass, a magnet, a seatbelt cutter, and even a car window-breaker for emergencies. It also has a sturdy lanyard strap for secure carrying, or for quickly and easily clipping on to your belt or backpack.


Griffin Battery Pack ($59.99)

The Griffin battery pack is a powerful ally for any traveler or adventurer, in every sense of the word. Not only is this beefy backup Li-ion battery capable of delivering a charge to multiple devices, regardless of where you are, it's also built remarkably rugged to withstand the abuse of a wide variety of environments, whether you are dashing through a subway with your iPhone low on power or camping and trekking off-grid.


Nectar Blue-Spectrum Protective Glasses ($39.99)

These glasses are fantastic for reducing eye strain and combating headaches. They reduce the stress and eye fatigue from staring into a computer screen. This doesn't just relieve the eyes, it's also thought to be better for overall health, especially when worn in the evening and at night, as blue-spectrum light has been shown to disturb sleep patterns and effect melatonin production.


ECOXGEAR SolJam ($149.99)

The SolJam is a compact and highly portable Bluetooth speaker that puts out impressive sound, especially considering its relatively small size. However, what's most impressive about this Bluetooth speaker is the fact that it can get its power from the sun via a built-in, high-performance solar panel. It's the perfect speaker for camping or off-grid adventures and even allows for charging mobile devices directly from its internal battery.


iTunes Gift Card ($10–$100)

Some may feel an iTunes gift card is too impersonal, but speaking as a papa who routinely requests them for any and all special occasions, I can assure you, they are not. Every time I use an iTunes gift card to buy music or download an app, I always take a moment to silently give thanks to whichever magnanimous benefactors made my purchases possible.


Tile Bluetooth Tracker ($25)

The Tile tracker has saved my butt on more than one occasion! I only have one, tucked away inconspicuously in my wallet, and I've had to call on it at least five times this year alone. In each instant, my wallet was in a spot that I never would have guessed (thank my four-year-old's penchant for clandestine reorganizing) and the Tile was able to lead me right to it. I plan on getting more Tiles for my key ring and messenger bag, in the near future. In fact, while one Tile is great, when you consider they make such useful and practical gifts along with their bulk pricing ($70 for four Tile trackers), more might be merrier!


SteelSeries Arctis 5 Over-Ear Headphones ($99.99)

The Arctis deliver a luxury headphone experience at a bargain price. Don't let the fact that these headphones are made by a company known for making high-performance eSport gear dissuade you. When it comes to the Arctis, what that translates to is a pair of exceptional over-ear headphones. The Arctis are exceedingly comfortable, even for long listening sessions, with rich, precise, sound quality, extremely accurate microphone performance, and a highly customizable style and appearance. 


Sugru Mouldable Glue Kit (3 Pack for $12.00)

If you've owned a few iterations of the iPhone over the years then you probably have your own first-hand experience with how easily the Apple Lightning cable can split and fray. Having lost more Lightning coables to fraying than I can count, I certainly appreciate the merits of a do-it-yourself rubber repair kit. The Sugru Mouldable Glue Kit includes several colors that you can use to repair not just Lightning cables, but also headphone cables, USB cables, game controllers, digital cameras, and all sorts of other plastic and rubber accessories. It also works to create small, custom-fabricated rubber fittings, clips, and mounts. It's a very practical multi-purpose kit to have on hand.


EcoBoulder Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker ($249.99)

The EcoBoulder is a beast of a Bluetooth speaker. It delivers a veritable wall of sound that can easily be heard over a hundred feet away while outside, and can also be heard over competing noises, such as an RV generator, a power saw, or a raging river. It's big and hefty, but don't worry, sturdy travel wheels and a retractable, telescoping luggage handle make it easy to tote this speaker around with relative ease. It's fully waterproof and submersible and it includes waterproof storage compartments for small accessories like keys or your iPhone. It also allows you to recharge your iPhone (or iPad) from its massive internal battery and it can also double as a guitar amplifier or karaoke machine.


Monster iSport Freedom V2 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones ($199.95)

These lightweight on-ear Bluetooth headphones work well in just about any situation you can think of. They are flexible, strong, and water resistant, and they sound fantastic. They hold snugly to your cranium, without feeling tight or claustrophobic and they are comfortable to wear for extended periods. Whether you put them to use for phone calls and Netflix binging or shooting hoops, lifting weights, fishing, or jogging, the Monster iSport Freedom athletic headphones are built tough, with the intention of providing many years of high-quality audio enjoyment.

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